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A weak chin, jaw line and lower face contour make a facial profile look weak. To correct these conditions, an individual may seek a chin surgery.A chin surgery also known as Genioplasty include the techniques of placing a chin implant or the repositioning of the chin bone. This operation can augment chin projection or ease an over-projected chin.With a chin surgery, you can have an improved balance of your facial features and a strong lower face outline.

Before and During the Procedure

Before a chin surgery, we will complete a detailed medical evaluation of your health and medical history. The chin surgery is preferably performed on individuals who are physically healthy and a nonsmoker.The patient will be advised to avoid tobacco products, alcohol beverages, definite blood-thinning supplements and medications for a number of days before the neck surgery.To begin with, the patient will be placed under the influence of general or local anaesthesia. The surgeon will create small incisions inside the lower lip or underneath the chin. After that, the surgeon will place an implant or reposition the chin bone. If a patient has an over-projected chin, the surgeon will slide the bone backward rather than forward. Once finished, the incisions are closed.The full operation might take one to three hours.

After the Procedure

Instantly following the chin surgery, discomfort, numbness, and swelling can be experienced but these can be managed with prescribed medication. To control swelling, aid proper healing and support the new form, a bandage or compression garment is wrapped into the surgical site within a number of days.Within the recovery period, it is vital to keep the head elevated. The patient must pursue a soft diet and practice good oral hygiene. Avoid too much chewing since this may hinder the recovery period and the new form of the chin.

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Date Modified - 03/17/2020

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