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Liposuction is one of the most accepted and popular surgery operations nowadays because of the advantages it brings to several individuals. Patients who underwent the procedure reported an increase in self-worth, self-confidence and enhanced overall quality of life. Aside from the emotional aspects, of course, their physical look became youthful, sexier and more attractive. Liposuction is the technique of eliminating fat deposits. But remember, this is not a means of weight loss; this is body-slimming treatment that can be acted upon in certain areas of the body.

Before and During the Procedure

To be an ideal candidate for liposuction, you must have a stable weight, good skin elasticity, physically healthy and a non-smoker. The fat deposits you desire to get rid of are impossible to be eradicated through strict diet and exercise. The surgery can take 45 minutes up to two hours of your time. The primary step of the treatment is that the patient is placed under anesthesia. Next, an incision is created in the area to be treated. Then, localized fats are removed. Lastly, the incisions are closed.

After the Procedure

Following the liposuction, the patient will be advised to take a short work soon. Discomfort, numbness, and swelling can be experienced but these can be managed with the prescribed medication. To control swelling, aid proper healing and support the new body form, a bandage or compression garment is required to be worn for three weeks. Furthermore, the patient must get enough rest and should avoid energy-demanding activities/exercises for a number of weeks. To ensure that fats will not bulge again to the treated area, a healthy lifestyle should be maintained.

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