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More or less, women gain approximately 25-35 pounds of weight throughout pregnancy. This amount of weight is stored as fats in the:

• Breasts
• Abdomen
• Flanks
• Lower back
• Hips
• Buttocks
• Thighs

For those mums who are worried with these unlikable body changes, don’t be depressed, as the procedure Mummy Makeover can restore your sexy and youthful look again. A Mummy Makeover is a famous expression that illustrates a series of surgical procedures that are intended for women who have undergone childbirth. A Mummy Makeover is a personalized treatment for each patient; it involves an integration of breast improvement and body contouring surgeries.

A Mommy Makeover is the Combination of the Following Procedures

• Breast Enhancement
• Breast Augmentation
• Breast Lift
• Liposuction
• Tummy Tuck
• Skin Tighteners
• Stretch Mark Elimination
• Cellulite Treatments

A Mummy Makeover is a one-time surgery. It is beneficial for mums with hectic schedules since this would only require a one-time period of time away from their kids, one-time leave from work and one-time recovery period. In Gold Coast, we provide surgeries for women who are bothered by the unwanted body changes that have occurred during their childbearing years. Before a Mummy Makeover, we will complete a detailed medical evaluation of your health and medical history. The Mummy Makeover is preferably performed on mums who are physically healthy, non-smokers and who do not plan for any future pregnancies. The patient will be advised to avoid tobacco products, alcohol beverages, definite blood-thinning supplements and medications for a number of days before the Mummy Makeover. To begin with, the patient will be placed under the influence of general or local anesthesia. The surgeon will perform the breast improvement and body contouring procedures. Once finished, the incisions are closed.

After the Surgery

Instantly following the Mummy Makeover, discomfort, numbness, and swelling can be experienced but these can be managed with prescribed medication. To control swelling, aid proper healing and support the new form, a bandage or compression garment is wrapped into the surgical site for a number of days. For a number of weeks, the patient must avoid heavy lifting and energy-demanding activities. The recovery period of Mummy Makeover is longer since it entails various procedures which are integrated into one.

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If your childbearing moments left you unwanted changes in your body and these dishearten you, we encourage you to set an appointment with us. We are enthusiastic to answer your queries about a Mummy Makeover.

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