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Reduce Your Drooping Brows, Look Years Younger, and Regain the Confidence You Once Had


Drooping brows can make someone’s facial appearance look older. The common causes for this condition are aging and genetics. With Gold Coast, we can offer brow lift as a solution to this concern.A brow lift technique can invigorate your upper facial area, specifically the brows and forehead by uplifting the drooping brows that are usually the signs of aging.

A Brow Lift Can

⚫ Raise the brow tissues
⚫ Bring back the youthful eyebrow arch
⚫ Open up the eye area
⚫ Reduce the appearance of forehead lines
⚫ Reduce the appearance of loose eyelid skin

Before and During the Procedure

Before a brow lift, we will complete a detailed medical evaluation of your health and medical history. The brow lift method is preferably performed on individuals who are physically healthy and a nonsmoker.The patient will be advised to avoid tobacco products, alcohol beverages, definite blood-thinning supplements and medications for a number of days before the brow lift.To begin with, the patient will be placed under the influence of general or local anaesthesia. The surgeon will create incisions behind the hairline. Lifting of the tissue and skin of the forehead will be executed next. Then the brows are fixed to its newly elevated location. Once finished, the incisions are closed.

After the Procedure

With brow lift, you will have a smoother forehead appearance and reduced forehead furrows or lines.Instantly following the brow lift, discomfort, numbness, and swelling can be experienced but these can be managed with prescribed medication. To control swelling, aid proper healing and support the new form, a soft dressing is placed to the treated area within a number of days.It would normally take a few months for the final results to be completely visible, but it is worth the wait.

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If you look older and lonely with your drooping brows, we encourage you to set an appointment with us. We are enthusiastic to answer your queries about a brow lift.

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