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Deflated and sagging breasts are widespread problems for women who have undergone a huge weight loss and pregnancy; aging can be a cause as well. This condition happens to women from all walks of life. If a bra is not worn, the breasts hang which are not pleasant to look at.

In the Gold Coast, a breast lift is performed to address this concern. Breast lift or medically termed as Mastopexy can remove the loose skin from the breasts, lift the breasts to an elevated position and reposition the nipples to bring symmetry in both breasts.

Before and During the Surgery

Before a breast lift, we will complete a detailed medical evaluation of your health and medical history. The breast lift is preferably performed on individuals who are physically healthy and non-smokers. The patient will be advised to avoid tobacco products, alcohol beverages, definite blood-thinning supplements and medications for a number of days before the breast lift. To begin with, the patient will be placed under the influence of general anesthesia. The surgeon will create small incisions on each areola or vertically down the bottom of the breasts. After that, the surgeon will remove the loose skin and breast tissue, lift the breasts to an elevated position and reposition the nipples. Once finished, the incisions are closed. The full operation might take one to three hours.

After the Surgery

Instantly following the breast lift, discomfort, numbness, and swelling can be experienced but these can be managed with prescribed medication. To control swelling, aid proper healing and support the new form, a bandage or compression garment is wrapped into the surgical site for a number of days. An overnight stay at the hospital is generally not required after the breast lift; but the patient will need an accompanying person to drive her home subsequent to the surgery. The patient must avoid heavy lifting and energy-demanding activities for three to four weeks or longer. After three to six months, the patient will enjoy more youthful-looking and lifted breasts. However, scars will take a year to fade away.

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