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A lot of individuals are lovers of physical beauty. Everyone has their standards of attractiveness and a majority of people found women more attractive if they have larger breasts compared to the smaller ones. This explains why the percentage of individuals who go through breast augmentation in the last 15 years doubled compared to the year 2000. Breast augmentation is the technique used for enhancing the size and shape of the breasts. It is performed by placing breast implants in the pockets of the breasts; the implants used can be silicone, saline or cohesive gel. Along with a breast augmentation, a breast lift can also be integrated to correct sagging breasts.

Before and During the Surgery

Before a breast augmentation, we will complete a detailed medical evaluation of your health and medical history. The breast augmentation is preferably performed on individuals who are physically healthy and non-smokers. The patient will be advised to avoid tobacco products, alcohol beverages, definite blood-thinning supplements and medications for a number of days before the breast augmentation. To begin with, the patient will be placed under the influence of general anesthesia. The surgeon will create small incisions on the pockets of the breasts. After that, the surgeon will place the implants inside. Once finished, the incisions are closed. The full operation might take one to two hours.

After the Surgery

Instantly following the breast augmentation, discomfort, numbness, and swelling can be experienced but these can be managed with prescribed medication. To control swelling, aid proper healing and support the new form, a bandage or compression garment is wrapped into the surgical site for a number of days. An overnight stay at the hospital is generally not required after the breast augmentation; but the patient will need an accompanying person to drive her home subsequent to the surgery. The patient must avoid heavy lifting and energy-demanding activities for three to four weeks or longer. After three to six months, the patient will enjoy fuller and larger breasts. However, scars will take a year to fade away.

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If smaller breasts hinder your confidence to wear swimwear and clothes with plunging necklines, we encourage you to set an appointment with us. We are enthusiastic to answer your queries about a breast augmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Implants / Augmentation

  • How much does a breast augmentation in the Gold Coast cost?
  • Who is a good candidate for breast implant surgeries?
  • Why do I need to have the surgery?
  • How does the whole surgery process work?
  • Does it hurt?
  • Do you provide any monthly financing?
  • Are your surgeons board-certified?
  • Can I get an implant if I’ve already had implants before in the past?
  • Do implants poison your body from the inside?

How much does a breast augmentation in the Gold Coast cost?

The total cost of the surgery will range, depending on complications, size, and many more factors. But generally, breast implants augmentation surgeries cost around $2,000 to $3,000, with additional monthly payments going out for 12 months. We do also provide financing for those who cannot afford this amount.

Are your surgeons board-certified?

Yes, all of our surgeons are Australian cosmetic surgery board-certified, and have gone through extensive medical school to be able to practice. Each of our clinics is independently reviewed for professionalism and cleanliness, and everything is held up to the code of ethics of the Australian Board of Medicine.

How does the whole surgery process work?

To start the whole process off, we will have you in your office for a free consultation, where we will go over your options, rough cost, and potentially schedule you for the actual surgical procedure. The surgical procedure is a few weeks away from the actual consultation, and is often held in a hospital nearby, for additional medical support. The surgical procedure itself generally last one to two hours, and you will be put under local anesthesia and will not feel any pain. After rest and recovery, we will have a number of follow-up meetings afterwards to make sure everything is healing correctly and you are satisfied with your procedure.

Do you provide any monthly financing?

Yes we do actually. For people not able to afford the larger up-front expense, we do push a portion of the cost out over monthly payments for the next 12 to 24 months, depending on what you can afford. We don’t want to make finances the reason that you are not able to get the confidence that you deserve.

Can I get an implant if I’ve already had implants before in the past?

Getting implants when you’ve had them in the past can be a little bit more complicated than a standard first time procedure. It will depend on the time era in which you first got the implants, and what condition they are currently in. For most cases, this will not be a problem, as are surgeons are used to dealing with this type of issue. But in the rare case that your surgery is not possible, we will be upfront about it and let you know beforehand.

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Modern cosmetic and plastic surgery is meant to be completely pain-free. we use local anesthesia to completely make you unconscious during the procedure, she will never feel a thing. Some feel some slight discomfort after the fax during recovery, just because any surgery has a recovery process to it. But the most people feel is discomfort and some slight tenderness in the area of the surgery.

Who is a good candidate for breast implant surgeries?

The ideal candidate for a breast augmentation surgery is someone who is dissatisfied with the way their breasts look or feel. This is especially true for people who rely on their appearance for professional advantages. For many people after the surgery, the feelings of confidence far outweigh any costs going into it, and will pay off for years to come.

Why do I need to have the surgery?

You definitely do not need to have surgery, and we do not try and push anyone into having the procedure if they are questioning whether they should or not. It is not right for everyone, but for the people and make sense for, it can be a great life-altering experience.

Do implants poison your body from the inside?

There’s been a rumor going around over the last couple years that breast implants are poison your body from the inside, due to the silicone that they contain. This is a complete lie, and made up by media to get your attention. Breast implants are 100% safe to be kept inside the human body for decades at a time. As long as you get your surgery done in a modern, Western Country, the safety concerns and procedures will ensure that you are getting a quality product, that will never poison you.

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